V3.0 is here

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V3.0 is here

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:27 pm

After some time I finally got round to finishing of V3.0. The game has changed quite a lot since the days of V2.0. Players can now:

  • Build up a civilization by constructing many types of buildings from the housing, infrastructure and economic buildings lists.
  • Build academies to train educated population and cadets.
  • Elect governments.
  • Set government positions.
  • Examine there national performance.
  • Exchange resources.

In addition the following features have been improves:

  • Battle Zone
  • Revenue Collection
  • Military Items
  • HQ
  • Population Manager
  • Account Settings

For further information about how to play the V3.0 check out the guides at: http://worldwarfare.atwebpages.com/pages/guides.php



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